Welcome to SOS – Stories of Success: the home of youth inspired stories that rarely make the mainstream press.

We exist to provide a balanced view of British youth who often are portrayed as underachieving, reckless and violent. Nothing could be further from the truth!

As a youth brand we use both visual and audio media to unapologetically promote the wealth of aspiring and achieving young people who go about their day to day business becoming the future leaders within their chosen fields, whether that be – for example – technical, academic, creative, business or scientific.

Our 1st printed  edition  was an instant success. Since its launch in October 2017, 20,000 copies have been distributed throughout the country which has created the simple but dominant request for more of this positive youth representation.  Now supported by a vibrant youth committee with their finger on the pulse of how young people wish to be represented, SOS – Stories of Success aims to be a positive disrupter to the media image of this generation.

As a media hub, SOS – Stories of Success will continue to produce content for the printed and online magazine, the SOS TV channel and multiple social media platforms.  It will enhance employability skills and employment opportunities by offering an accredited personal and professional development programme, enabling the participants to be part of the magazine’s design and creation.

This generation of young people and their excellence deserves to be represented fairly and who better to do it than themselves through sharing the positive experiences of the 99%.*

Join us on this journey to understand the real cost of success and how vision, determination and ‘a never give up’ attitude are the common denominators of rising to the top of whatever ladder you choose to climb.

#SuccessIsEarned    #DisruptingTheNarrative


Our Aim:

Giving a voice to the 99% – sharing the stories that go unheard


  1. Establish a youth led media outlet that focuses on the positive success stories of young people;
  2. To develop confidence, self-belief, personal and professional transferable skills through a bespoke training programme;
  3. Create employability and employment opportunities and other progression pathways;
  4. To inspire, empower and educate young people through experiential commentary.