About Us

‘SOS – Stories of Success’ is an online and print magazine that shares the stories of young people that typically go unheard.

Our Achievements

In 2017 we designed, developed, launched and distributed over 20,000 printed copies of the first edition of ‘SOS – Stories of Success‘ which was sponsored by UCL. Feedback? Everyone loved it and everyone agreed that a publication such as this is essential reading!

Our Vision

We are creating a vibrant, youth led media hub that disrupts the mainstream media narrative!

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Be inspired. Be empowered. Be educated. Be informed.

So far...
First edition
Hardcopies printed and distributed
Unique online views

Stories of Success

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We’re currently building our team to work on content for ‘SOS – Stories of Success’. If you are a young, aspiring journalist and would like to contribute your writing skills …